New 2.5 IDE installation (Eclipse) fails


I’m still not able to get a fresh 2.5 dev environment for Eclipse.
I followed
without success. When Eclipse starts it takes a moment and then the startup scripts ends with an error:

How to get a fresh install for 2.5?

did you select the last version 03-2019?
After select both Openhab development and Openhab Add-ons ?

I did not, I‘ll try again and report back

After IDE has installed everything, remember to close all binding projects except the ones you need.
So reduce the time and there will probably be some mistakes

hmm, want to try it again, but
where so make the selection “03-2019”.

I used the Eclipse installer, selected openHAB Development and openHAB Addons project. I could select a difference branch, but it has only the master.

First select Latest 03-2019 from here

it works, thanks!
now I could try to convert my bindings. I there a page, which describes how to convert from 2.4 to the bnd environment?

ok, I used a little trick: created a new binding with the script and then copied the code from my old code dir into the new one
checked it in and done
need to re-test=WIP