New added thing is not showing correctly on UIs

Hi guys! I’m a very new beginner and fan of OpenHAB2. Recently I find out that when I add a new thing(for example a lamp with item type of switch) via paperUI, However, on the classicUI or any other UIs, this switch is not showing. Instead, this lamp seems to show an icon of ‘group’ which is really strange. It wasnot like that when I tested it several months ago. Anybody has the same issue? Here is a screenshot

Lamp should be a thing rather than a group.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

The UIs only show you items and you need to create them yourself in an items-file (and refer to them in an according sitemap file) - exactly the same way as in openHAB 1.
The fact that you get a group item created for a Thing is actually a bug that needs to be fixed.