New and Planning, looking for some guidence!

Hello All,

I have randomly stumbled upon this program while looking at things i can do with my new Hue Lux bulbs. Soon plan on adding an ecobee. I see there is so many options that I can add and I’m really looking forward to getting more items to add to this. So my question is this. I am currently getting ready to upgrade my ESXi machine to a Dual Xeon With 16GB of RAM and was wondering if anyone has run this software in a virtual machine with any luck. Is this not recomended or anyone have reservations against it? I was going to go a Ubuntu LTS distro and use the guide I found here. I do have other Laptops not currently in use that I could use for this purpose if a VM is not recommended but if it is that would be my preferred method of installing. One less plugged in electronic keeps me happy and my electric bill. :). Any other video tutorials or guides out there would be great as well. If not I would not mind helping create some.

Looking forward to your input!

I am running openHAB in an OpenVZ virtual container (using Proxmox) with no problems. Can be a little tricky sorting out USB pass-thru for things like my Z-Wave USB dongle but there is plenty of help online.

I have run it in KVM

I’m running on an esxi 6 ubuntu VM (on a low power HP Microserver Gen8 with 16Gb). I also have a few other VMs running on the box (linux based).

My OH server uses USB Z-wave controller, USB arduino serial, USB X10 controller (and also a USB link to my UPS which happens to be also managed on the OH server). All these are connected via passthrough on esxi (trivial to configure). OpenHAB has had no difficulties in using these devices and has been very robust for over a year with this configuration.

Excellent news to hear this runs with no issues in a vm. I’m going to set it up on my local laptop vm workstation and then once my box is up and running I’ll just transfer it over. What zwave usb does everyone recommend then that works well with vms. What all are you using zwave for?

I have used it with the Aeon Labs one in the past, but am currently using the new one ( Both of these work well on my set up.

I also know of another person who is using the newer Aeon Labs one running on a similar esxi set up as mine, and has had absolutely no issues. The advantage of the Aeon labs one over the one is that it can be disconnected and taken to wherever the zwave devices are for inclusion/exclusion. With the controller, I end up taking a laptop to the device for inclusion/exclusion.