New app update but don't understand it


what is new in the app with this feature

“Allow controlling Sitemaps via Item”

Thank you

You can configure an Item with the App which, when commanded with the name of a different sitemap the app will automatically switch to that sitemap.

It’s mostly useful for those running the Android app on a tablet on the wall when they want to show something different (e.g. a camera feed) when a certain event happens (e.g. the doorbell was rung).


Hey that’s cool…is there a example how to do it?

I only remember seeing the PRs being worked. I don’t use OH in this way so I didn’t actually pay that close attention. You should be able to look at the release notes for OH and find the PR and get a look for how to use it. What I don’t know is the full set of commands and formatting of the commands that are supported.

I do know setting which Item controls a specific sitemap or MainUI is configured at the client. In MainUI you’d go to Help and About and at the bottom there is the “Listen for UI commands to” option where you select the Item that should control that instance of the client.

In BasicUI there is a gear icon in the upper left with options but I don’t see that option for a control Item there yet.

I’m not sure where you’d define it in the Android app but suspect it’s in the settings there somewhere.

You can define it in the Android app to control Sitemaps. The feature is quite similar to the one in Main UI.

Docs are here: Android App | openHAB

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I wonder if search isn’t working in the docs. I searched for “command item” and neither of the Android App page nor the MainUI Help and About page came up. Hmmmm…

Maybe it’s because the docs are still on

I ran the search from there. I assumed that next was indexed too. Maybe not?

Can still someone explain it to me … sorry I didn’t get it how to do it :frowning:

  1. Create a String Item
  2. In the Android App’s settings configure the command Item to that String Item
  3. To cause MainUI in that Android app sendCommand "navigate:$path" where $path is the URL path (i.e. everything after the first slash, e.g. http://openhabian:8080/page/home, the $path is “page/home”).

On the command the Android app will open that $path.

The docs indicate the app doesn’t support popup but I guess that means it supports popover and sheet (that’s the panel that slides up from the bottom)?

In that case it’s the same thing. sendCommand to the String Item. You can popover a whole page (popover:page:locations), a custom widget (sheet:widget:rlk_lowbatteries), or a raw built in OH widget (popover:oh-clockcard).

You can also send a notification that only appears in MainUI, not in the phone’s notifications. It should be relatively self-explanatory now. sendCommand a formatted String as shown in the docs linked to above.

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Hi Milo, the new feature “Allow controlling Sitemaps via Item” in the OpenHAB app enables users to dynamically modify sitemaps through items. This means users can now manipulate sitemaps directly from their items, offering greater flexibility and customization within the app interface. It enhances user experience by providing more control over the visual representation of their home automation system.