New binding addon for siemens Hvac controller OZW672.01

Hi Alex,

do you have any binary or source of the binding?

Kind regards,


You can download from here

Salue Laurent,
I just got my OZW672 and found your first builds of your addon. Until now I was unsuccesful in installing it on my openhab V2.2.0. I think mainly as my knowledge on openhab is still limited, and your binding was written vor version 1.x.

I will try these days to get it running on a version openhab 1 - so I know that my basics are correct, and later to bring it to version 2.2.0.

I wrote this comment, to say thank you for your work and that you see that your work is used from some ppl.Which will hopefully motivate you to adapt it the version 2.* of openhab, and let it grow to a formal addon.

Regards from Switzerland

PS: the download link is still valid bur only for premium members of this service. I assume it was only 30 days public. I regsitered myself, bu I would prefere to spent the money to you instead of a sharing hoster :wink:

Hi Laurent and previous writers,
I have also an OZW672 WebServer and would like to integrate it into my openHAB. What is the status of the OH2 binding? I would really appreciate to have this binding running in OH2. The provided link above is not available for download… (for me). br Tim

Hi Time,

The last version of the jar file is compile for openhab 1.9, but work ok with openhab 2.x.
I’m currently using it at home with openhab 2.2.
You hust have to copy it to the addons directory.
org.openhab.binding.siemenshvac-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.xml (235.7 KB)

I’m currently trying to rewrite the addon natively for openhab 2.x, but do not have lot of time to work on it this last month.


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Hi Laurent
I am trying to use your binging.
I have been capable of installing and activate the binding you provided with a openhab 2.3 installation.
The binding seems to connect to the web server, and retrieve the right value (values are correctly printed on the log0 if I am looking to the DEBUG messages, see below:

siemensHvac:sender thread alive:Sun Apr 08 21:52:04 CEST 2018
21:52:04.852 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:doAuth:response()200
21:52:04.855 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:doAuth:Endresponse:()200
21:52:04.858 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:doAuth:decodeResponse:(){ “SessionId”: “5e0bf71f-7607-466d-8f62-3861a9de1e50”, “Result”: { “Success”: “true” }}
21:52:04.861 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:doAuth:afterJson
21:52:04.928 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:BaxiFault2_txt:14:727:No bus power supply
21:52:04.930 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:null typeBaxiFault2_txt:14
21:52:04.963 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:sender thread alive:Sun Apr 08 21:52:04 CEST 2018
21:52:04.990 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:BaxiFault:4:0
21:52:04.992 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:null typeBaxiFault:4
21:52:04.998 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:sender thread alive:Sun Apr 08 21:52:04 CEST 2018
21:53:16.861 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:execute() method is called!
21:53:16.869 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:readAllDP():begin
21:53:16.913 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:BaxiFault2_txt:14:727:No bus power supply
21:53:16.921 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:null typeBaxiFault2_txt:14
21:53:16.985 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:BaxiFault:4:0
21:53:16.996 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:null typeBaxiFault:4
21:53:17.051 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:BaxiFault_txt:14:727:No bus power supply
21:53:17.060 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:null typeBaxiFault_txt:14
21:53:17.073 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - CPU_Load changed from 17.3 to 11.0
21:53:17.109 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:sender thread alive:Sun Apr 08 21:53:17 CEST 2018
21:53:17.116 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:BaxiFault2:5:0
21:53:17.123 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:ReadDP:null typeBaxiFault2:5
21:53:17.128 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:readAllDP():end
21:53:17.135 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:execute() method return !
21:53:17.256 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:sender thread alive:Sun Apr 08 21:53:17 CEST 2018
21:53:17.257 [DEBUG] [emenshvac.internal.siemensHvacBinding] - siemensHvac:sender thread alive:Sun Apr 08 21:53:17 CEST 2018

but the item values does not get updated and nothing is visible in openhab (no value presented and displayed).

Any idea of why this is happening!
Thanks for any help you can provide.

As this project seems to be dead here is an alternative:

has anyone ported this Siemenshvac binding for OH3? I’d be very interested in using the binding with an OZW772, but can’t seem to find any way of getting it connected to OH. My technical knowledge is somwhat limited, which doesn’t help…
Ideally, I’d like to get OH to talk to the synco living apartment unit QAX913 and make the details available via MQTT. Any pointers gratefully received.

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You can find the current version of the binding for openhab 3.x at the address: Release Beta_0.2 · lo92fr/openhab-addons · GitHub.

This is currently a beta, I don’t find the time this last week to finalize thing and submit it to openhab, but most of the basic functions should works.


Thank you Laurent - that’s great. I’ve managed to install it, connect a bridge (OZW772) and now just have to figure out how to create the right items…
The bridge item is showing as online, but the find new items dialogue doesn’t find any.

After the first automatic discovery (the one that find the OZW672), another discovery should find your QAX913 device. If not, go to the settings of OZW672, verify that the account/password is correct, and pause / restart the OZW672 things. the QAX913 should automatically appears after 2 or 3 minutes in the Inbox.

If not the case, please send me your openhab logs so we can figure what is not working for you !


Also, one more thing, after the discovery of the QAX913, there is no other things. The diffent parameters could be acces as channel of the QAX913 devices, and so you can link them to items directly from there.


Thanks Laurent,
Work kept me busy and I only just got back to it. I tried a few things as you suggested, but no luck. Also - does it matter that I have the OZW772 - I create the thing (bridge) manually and it comes up as online, but then doesn’t find any other things. I’ve managed to locate the log files - how do I send these to you? i’ve got events.log and openhab.log. Here is the link to the two files. Regards Seb


Well, I don’t see in your previous message that your gateway is a OZW772. And I’m not sure the current binding will work with OZW772 as I have myself the old version OZW672 that was used before KNX support.

I will verify the code to check about this.
For the log, you can send it to me using a file transfer application on internet (wetransfer for example).
I think it will be ok to share the link on the forum.


Forget it,I just see your link for the files !

I don’t see any entry for the bundle in your log.
Perhaps the log level is not ok.
Can you please log to the karaf console ( ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost, default password is habopen).
And send the result of the command
openhab> log:get


Hello Laurent,
Logger │ Level
javax.jmdns │ ERROR
javax.mail │ ERROR
openhab.event │ INFO
openhab.event.AddonEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.InboxUpdatedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ItemAddedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ItemChannelLinkRemovedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ItemRemovedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ItemStateEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.RuleAddedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.RuleRemovedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.RuleStatusInfoEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.StartlevelEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ThingAddedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ThingRemovedEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ThingStatusInfoEvent │ ERROR
openhab.event.ThingUpdatedEvent │ ERROR
org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.sse.SseEventSinkImpl │ ERROR
org.apache.karaf.jaas.modules.audit │ INFO
org.apache.karaf.kar.internal.KarServiceImpl │ ERROR │ ERROR │ OFF
org.apache.sshd │ WARN
org.eclipse.lsp4j │ OFF
org.jupnp │ ERROR
org.openhab │ INFO
org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.internal.AetherBasedResolver │ ERROR
org.ops4j.pax.web.pax-web-runtime │ OFF
su.litvak.chromecast.api.v2.Channel │ ERROR

Hi Laurent
I am trying to use your binding with a fresh OH3.2 installation. The binding get installed and is activated but no channels are showing up in the ‘channel’ tab related to the OZW672 bridge in the UI.
The file siemens.json is created with all data points (in the jsondb directory), and the bundle is in Waiting status (not sure what it means):

234 │ Active │ 80 │ 1.4.17 │ XStream Core
235 │ Waiting │ 80 │ │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: SiemensHvac Binding
237 │ Active │ 80 │ 3.2.0.M1 │ openHAB UI :: Bundles :: Basic UI

could you share how to configure via .things file the binding ? I would like to add explicitly the channels and see if they work.


Hi Laurent, I solved the issue. I was looking only the IP interface thing, as soon as I added the different unit the channels show up.

Hi Laurent,
Tried to install with current openhab version,but no luck. Do you know if it works with the current version.