New Binding: Bloomsky Weather Station

Just submitted a request to include this binding in the Add-ons directory for OH3.

This is a “read-only” binding that uses the BloomSky API to retrieve the sensor data from the SKY1, SKY2 and STORM personal weather stations. If you are not familiar with these weather stations, you can find out more at the BloomSky Home Page.

If you already have this weather station, you will need to obtain an API authorization key at the BloomSky Device Owners Portal using the Developers Link found on the left side of the screen after you log in.

If you are interested in testing or using use this binding, you can find the .jar file here: org.openhab.binding.bloomsky-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar. Simply download and copy into the addons folder on your OH3 system.

This binding has been tested on the latest release of OH (3.1.0) and OH3.2.0 - running on both RPI and Windows systems; it will automatically discover the SKY1, SKY2, and STORM weather stations.

The binding documentation can be found here: BloomSky README

All feedback is greatly appreciated…