New Binding developed. How to check in?

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I finished my development of my first binding for a pellet stove of Haas & Sohn. I tested it and verifed it as explained in the documentation with mvn clean install -pl :org.openhab.binding.haassohnpelletoven.
I fixed all the Errors and my Build succeds now.

Can someone tell me how to check it in now?
Should I create a own branch and push it on that branch? How should I call the branch?
What comes after the code is pushed to that branch? Is someone verifying my code and will it then me merged to master?
As said this is my first binding, so I am new to the process of contributing code in openHab.

Thanks for advise.

Hi, I had the same question a few weeks/months ago and I bookmarked the following thread
The first post contains it all:

  • fork openhab-addons repo
  • make a pull request
  • be patient, maintainers will verify your contribution

Did you had a look at include-the-binding-in-the-build?

Unless I’m forgetting something

Thanks, will do so.