New Binding developed. How to check in?


I finished my development of my first binding for a pellet stove of Haas & Sohn. I tested it and verifed it as explained in the documentation with mvn clean install -pl :org.openhab.binding.haassohnpelletoven.
I fixed all the Errors and my Build succeds now.

Can someone tell me how to check it in now?
Should I create a own branch and push it on that branch? How should I call the branch?
What comes after the code is pushed to that branch? Is someone verifying my code and will it then me merged to master?
As said this is my first binding, so I am new to the process of contributing code in openHab.

Thanks for advise.

Hi, I had the same question a few weeks/months ago and I bookmarked the following thread
The first post contains it all:

  • fork openhab-addons repo
  • make a pull request
  • be patient, maintainers will verify your contribution

Did you had a look at include-the-binding-in-the-build?

Unless I’m forgetting something

Thanks, will do so.

Hello Christian, thank you for your work. I want to buy a pelletstove from Haas & Sohn. I am very impressed by your binding. You wrote that your binding is tested with the HSP 7 DIANA and HSP6 434.08. Unfortunately the HSP6 434.08 is not available any more.

  1. Will your binding work with other Haas & Sohn pelletstoves?
  2. Does the binding still work ?

Thank you for your anwer. :grinning:

Most likely I would say yes. Which one are you looking to buy?
Is the internet connection optional meaning is it realized with an external box?
Which app is the oven using? If it is the haas + sohn app most likely it will work.

I am interested in these two models:



Do you think they would work with the binding?

I would guess yes, as both are using the standard wlan module.

But if course I can’t guarantee it. Let me know afterwards if it should not work, then I can have a look on the binding.

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Hello Christian,
I have a HSP 8 Home 445.08 V7 with the standard Wlan module. If i install your binding i can switch the ofen on and off, also i can see all other entries like next mantanance, cleaning, temparature is and set. But these dont actualize in the next days. Is there any instruction for ur binding. Thank you for help.

Actually no. It is quite straight forward and should be self explaining. However I was not capable to test it with a big variety of HW as I do just have one stove.
So some questions from my side.
Do you see once the correct entries for next maintenance, cleaning and … or does they not appear at all?

Please enter the following in your local browser http://IP_adress_stove/status.cgi . Compare the value returned for example for ignitions with the one you see in openhab. Is it similar? It should be.

You can also paste the complete output here, then I can see it the JSON fields your stove returns may differ from mine. If this is the case, then I can update the binding accordingly and support your stove accordingly.

I will do it later after work.
My Problem is that all entries,maintenance, cleaning and so on are at First Installation ok.
I see the correct entries. But never again they synchronize with the stove.
The are always the same, without update.

Nevertheless I would be interesting if the fields are equal. Is the rest updating correctly? Meaning is the temperature synced correctly and the status?

Then you need to check if the information in openhab for maintenance match the ones from the direct call. In case this is always the case, then the oven does not provide newer data. Otherwise there could be an issue in the binding.

This is shown at http://ip_adress_oven/status.cgi:
{“meta”:{“sw_version”:“V7.01”,“hw_version”:“KS01”,“bootl_version”:“V1.1”,“wifi_sw_version”:“V1.2.2”,“wifi_bootl_version”:“V1.0.1”,“sn”:“925112”,“typ”:“HSP-8”,“language”:“de”,“nonce”:“99eWWIRHVHK5vlmW”,“eco_editable”:true,“ts”:15003,“ean”:“916\u00F66445\u00F6\u00F6\u00F666”,“rau”:true,“wlan_features”:[“l”, “hl”, “g”, “wp”]},“prg”:true,“wprg”:false,“mode”:“standby”,“sp_temp”:23,“is_temp”:22.60,“ht_char”:3,“weekprogram”:[{“day”:“mo”,“begin”:“04:00”,“end”:“22:00”,“temp”:23},{“day”:“tu”,“begin”:“04:00”,“end”:“23:00”,“temp”:23},{“day”:“we”,“begin”:“04:00”,“end”:“23:00”,“temp”:23},{“day”:“th”,“begin”:“04:00”,“end”:“23:00”,“temp”:23},{“day”:“fr”,“begin”:“04:00”,“end”:“23:00”,“temp”:23},{“day”:“sa”,“begin”:“04:00”,“end”:“23:00”,“temp”:23},{“day”:“su”,“begin”:“18:00”,“end”:“23:00”,“temp”:23}],“error”:[],“eco_mode”:false,“pgi”:false,“ignitions”:8743,“on_time”:8467,“consumption”:780,“maintenance_in”:220,“cleaning_in”:1356}
This entries are correct and so shown in the oven app. But not in openhab. There are the entries from first installation.

So the data model is consistent with the binding, so it should work, at least it does for me.

Is the temperature synchronized displayed correctly? How exactly did you connect the channel to the item? Is it the correct type?

Sorry i had to work last days.
After reboot raspberry pi all values ok.
They are the same as in the oven app.
It seems to be not updated automatically.
I will watch this next time. And tell you how thing is with channels installed.

Sorry for so late. Now i made a log with debug. Here is the link to

Hope this is usefull and you could help me?

Just switch to the newest version. It works for me and some others without any problems.

newest version? from binding? or openhab? openhab is 3.2.0
where can i see the version number if its not meant openhab?