New Binding DWDPollenflug

In Germany the DWD gives a forecast for the pollen count index as a json-file:

This information is important for people with allergies on this pollen.

I have developed a binding with a bridge polling this data and region thing holding the data per region or partregion. The binding is already working very well, but I’m unsure what are the next steps to contribute it to the community?

The todos I still have todo on my side I know so far are the unit tests and the documentation. Can I open a pull request with tag [WIP] to enable functional and code review already?

I have descriped the current functionality at this thread and asked for opinions about some additional features in that post. Should I transfer that information to this thread to discuss it here?

Thanks in advance

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Yes. However, usually PRs don’t get a full review while they’re still a [WIP]. If the code is ready for review, don’t mark it [WIP].