New binding for Elro Connects devices, looking for testers

I have a few smoke and water alarms from the Elro Connects smarthome series of products. They connect to a Wifi hub (SF40GA).
I developed a binding for it. It works for the devices I have, but needs a lot more testing. I have programmed functionality for several other devices that work with the hub but could not test.

If you have devices and volunteer to test, you can find a beta version of the binding on the marketplace: Elro Connects Binding (Beta). You can install directly from openHAB (3.2.0).

I ordered only FZ5002R devices (and a hub), but will test your binding once they are installed.
Currently the available download doesn’t seem to work (other libs in ‘/opt/openhab/addons/’ do). It doesn’t show in ‘feature:list’. I guess I have to build it manually.

Thank you for volunteering to test. A beta version of the binding is now available on the marketplace.