New binding for RWE Smarthome available!

Hi everyone,

I am very happy to announce, that the RWE Smarthome binding is now part of the official OpenHAB repository and will be part of the 1.8.0 release. Thanks to OpenHAB, this really brings RWE Smarthome to a whole new level.

If YOU are interested in RWE Smarthome, don’t hesitate to test the binding. You can download a nightly build here and should then definitely take a look at the Documentation. I am happy for any feedback and will integrate further components in the next weeks.

Thanks to the community for OpenHAB, all your help and especially @teichsta for your patience with my github issues. But I think I learned a lot and will manage it in the future. :smile:



i can confirm the binding is working well thermostats and the wall plug and the wallswitch :slight_smile:

(and thank YOU @oliver_kuhl for your patience with the review :-))