New Binding - Girahomeserver

Dear Forum,

I wrote a binding that connects openhab1 and the girahomeserver through Gira’s CO-Gateway.
I’d be happy to share it, but am wondering whether there’s any demand – it would require some code cleanup first.

Hello, I would be interested! Thanks

i am interestesd to.
i own a homeserver, since 2010, did some things with it,
but whats the CO-Gateway? any link? any description on the web?
never heard before…

Great to hear. I’ll move forward then.

There you go:

It allows for sharing internal objects without using the bus.
That’s especially handy if you have long strings or very frequent updates.

Here’s the pull-request:

just an update here: the binding works without any problem on two installations now.

Sorry, where can I download it

I provided a compiled version here:

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (as always)

Thank you!

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