New Binding: Vallox MV ventilation unit series

It wasn’t me. Thanks go to @bjoernbrings.

I just logged into the cloud service, and seems it updated my box right away? I didn’t even notice.
Seems to be working fine.


@bjoernbrings Hi Björn, I have Vallox 145 MV and binding works. I am however missing some functionalities from binding hence I’d like to propose these improvements:

  • for timer profiles, use timer value from that profile settings instead of “hardcoded” value in binding code
  • for timer profiles, add possibility to enable or disable timer in profile setting
  • add support for 3rd timer profile: Programmable profile (i.e. EXTRA)
  • for Fireplace and Programmable profiles, add possibility to set fan speeds in profiles settings
  • add support to enable/disable weekly timer

Additional variables to be supported for Fireplace profile:
A_CYC_FIREPLACE_EXTR_FAN : extract fan setting (%)
A_CYC_FIREPLACE_SUPP_FAN : supply fan setting (%)
A_CYC_FIREPLACE_TIME : timer in minutes setting, use this value as timer value when changing to fireplace profile
A_CYC_FIREPLACE_TIMER_ENABLED : timer enabled setting (1/0)

Additional variables to be supported for Boost profile:
A_CYC_BOOST_TIME : timer in minutes setting, use this value as timer value when changing to boost profile
A_CYC_BOOST_TIMER_ENABLED : timer enabled setting (1/0)

Programmable profile variables (similar to Fireplace profile variables):
A_CYC_EXTRA_EXTR_FAN : extract fan setting (%)
A_CYC_EXTRA_SUPP_FAN : supply fan setting (%)
A_CYC_EXTRA_TIME : timer in minutes setting, use this value as timer value when changing to programmable profile
A_CYC_EXTRA_TIMER_ENABLED : timer enabled setting (1/0)

Weekly timer enable/disable variable:
A_CYC_WEEKLY_TIMER_ENABLED : timer enabled setting (1/0)

Regards, Antti

Hi @bjoernbrings, thanks for this awesome addon. I am using it with my 350MV. According to the latest documentation there is a switch listed for changing the status of the weekly timer (on/off):
weeklytimerenabled - A_CYC_WEEKLY_TIMER_ENABLED

I have OpenHAB 2.5 installed and updated the ValloxMV addon to version from your snapshot repository.

Unfortunately OpenHAB doesn’t show any data for this item and if I use PaperUI to list the available channels for the ValloxMV thing it is not listed as well. Did I miss anything to get the weeklytimerenabled channel working?


There has recently been an update by anttiisoaho that enabled that. It will be included in the next addon release

Hi @rsterz if you are interested to install snapshot before v2.5.4 is out, it is now available here:

[Update: Forgot to remove the old bundle. Please ignore this post, sorry - the snapshot bundle is working great]

Hi Björn and Antti,

thanks for your quick reply. I downloaded your snapshot and it is listed as bundle:list with version Unfortunately in PaperUI it is not coming up with a channel for weeklytimerenabled.

I configured the item manually but it is not working as well. Any idea what I forgot after installing your snapshot bundle?


Is there a channel for the CO2 sensor?

My Vallox Unit has an Sensor integrated.




Yes there is. It might be under advanced configuration, but it definitely exists.

my fault, my openhab was still at 3.0.2. After i updated to 3.2.0 today, the c02-channel works fine.

But I think, on the documation, the channel is missing

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Create a PR to fix it (link at bottom of docs page)