New binding: ws980wifi ELV Weatherstation

The ws980wifi binding connects openHAB with ELV WS980WIFI Weather Stations (see
It discovers WS980WIFI Weather Stations in the local network and polls the actual data on a regular base.
The WS980WIFI has to be part of the local network via WiFi integration.

Only the actual measures are supported, no historical data.
The binding reads the data of the station, but does not support to write data back (e.g. updates, configuration parameters).

As soon as the WS980WIFI Weather Station is integrated into your local network, this binding is able to discover the weather station automatically and provides 21 measures as channels of the discovered thing.

The development based on the work of R. Petzoldt, who has analysed the weatherstations LAN interface. You can find it here:


I use this binding and now we had the 1st nights with outside-temperatur below zero. It looks like ther ist a problem with the datatype. When there is temperatur less the 0°C I get values like 6553.1°C or something like that. For me it looks like there is a 16Bit singed INT from the WS980 and the binding has a unsingned INT.

Hi mario-123456,
you are propably right, but the binding ELV WS980WIFI is not supported anymore. It has become part of the binding “FineOffsetWeatherStation Binding”. Please change to this binding.