New Binding: Wunderground Update Reciever

If you have a weatherstation or some such that submits meaurements to the update url and want to capture those measurements for use in OH3, then for you this binding is useful. If the weather station’s submission target host is configurable or you are able to control dns resolution for the weather station, you can point it at the servlet this binding exposes and submissions will be recorded by openhab. A simple rule script can be used to retransmit the measurements to the real update site while you can use the realtime measuments to control things such as awnings or windows based on environmental conditions.

There is a preview jar at Index of libs-pullrequest-local/org/openhab/addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.wundergroundupdatereceiver/3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

Hi @danieldemus,
If installed the snapshot and configured the weather station as described in the README.
It works great.
I do need to make the script to retransmit tho wunderground.
I don’t see channels for the calculated values as dewpoint and windchill.
Are the planned for the release version?

Hi @danieldemus,
I’m also using your 3.2.0 binding and it works like a charm with my brand new WH2650 weather station.
Have you any news about an offical release version?