New Bindings aeotec doorbell 6

I think it is version 2.4 but not sure, How do I check which version I am using?

If you are using 2.4 it should show at the bottom of the dashboard page. 2.5.2 is the latest stable version.

OK, found it. I am using openHAB 2.4.0-1 (Release Build)
Is the doorbell6 not support with this version?

2.4 was before support was added. There have been many changes between 2.4 and the latest.

If you have restdocs installed, uninstall before updating and then add it back. Its path changed and can cause other issues.

OK, thank you for the details.
Is there any guide on how to update tot eh latest version, as I am not familiar with all the installed I did once a year ago

Down in the 2.5 Release Notes there were some instructions.

Can anyone tell me, if this doorbell report the state of the pushbutton to a channel/openhab?
And also, can the chime be disabled with an on/off command.

Have you looked at the documentation that came with the product? I spent many hours entering the configuration data into our binding and I do not own the device. If you cannot search the manual, it is not important enough for me to search. There is a pdf copy of the manual attached to the database entry.

I do not recall anything about button state. I would guess looking at association groups but that is just a guess.

I have…
It isn´t clear is the state of the button is send through z-wave. The button communicated with the chime using 433mhz. So there would have to be some “conversion” between the button and the chime to z-wave.
As far as I recall the docs doesnt mention anything about turning off the chime. But maybe the different modes (or a silent sound) is an option.

I didnt expect you to know or go search for this info. I hoped someone already having the device would know.

Looking quickly, you can choose a tone to play one time. Zero indicated continuous. Perhaps there is a very short tone or have a low volume?

Not the feature I was looking for :smiley:

File a feature request with Aeotec? It should be able to be added with a firmware update. What would likely involve a new database entry here to expose it though.

Actually, I did have a conversation with Aeotec about it long time ago. They said it wasn´t something they have thought of, but it was good suggestion…

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I finally added my doorbell to my openhab but I don’t see all the options that should be available on the doorbell.
Is the binding of the doorbell 6 still under development?

Yes, subscribe to this open issue on GitHub.

Thanks for the update.