New Bindings aeotec doorbell 6


I’m searching for a very simple doorbell to integrate in openhab.
I was thinking about the aeotec doorbell 6 because I already have multiple zwave devices so it would fit with my setup.
But I saw that that device is not in the zwave binding, can I see somewhere when it will be added?
Or if somebody is already looking into it to add it in the zwave binding.
I found a few posts of people who made stuff for the doorbell but apparently it’s not integrated.

Also other doorbell suggestions are welcome (needs to be battery powered)

To add a device to the Z-Wave database go to:

I think they already did that:

Or will that thread not add the device to the binding?
if it will, what is the estimated time in general that a binding is updated?

Usually every weekend.

For your device a binding update is needed, so please be patient:

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Our developer recent got his development environment working with the new build system. He is working through a 3 month backlog of changes needed.

So the change will come lets say in a few months, so end this year, beginning next year?
I guess I can live with that, will only need another option to configure the device so I don’t get 110db blasting in my ears when somebody rings my bell.

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@robbie_demaegdt - Did you find a solution for changing this without OpenHAB? :slightly_smiling_face:

@chris any idea when this binding change can happen?

I’m totally snowed under with ZigBee updates at the moment. I’m having to put code through ZigBee Alliance certification over the next few weeks and that’s taking a lot of my time unfortunately so it will likely be late November as I am on holiday for 2 weeks in the beginning of November.

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Thank you for the detailed update, Chris. I figured you were very busy.

That bell is indeed very loud, my solution for now was to put it on another floor in small room to make it more silent :stuck_out_tongue:
There is another way to change it but you will need a zwave hub like smartthings which most of us don’t have because we are using OH.

The long awaited binding changes would resolve this.