Aeotech Doorbell 6

Has anyone had any chance of playing around with the Aeotec Doorbell 6 ?

I was a new doorbell. Atm I have a “standard” wireless doorbell. But it´s 433mhz frequence and I have no 433mhz transreiver… I want a smarter doorbell (I cant use wired ones unfortunatly). So I wonder if the aeotech doorbell 6 would be my next choice.

It is not currently listed in our zwave database. We would need somebody to purchase on e o help us get it defined there.

I know… I just kinda hoped someone out there already tried one, maybe using another system.
I have thought about buying one as mentioned. I wouldn´t mind adding it to the database. But I would rather not buy it, if it´s bad or working bad… It´s pretty new on the market, (It has been delayed alot).

I know there is another thread working through their issue with the Siren 6. I do not know if is the same chipset.

Not quite. The Door Bell 6 has two radio controllers. A 433mhz between the main device and the push button. And z-wave radio between the main device and the z-wave controller…
The sirene looks like the main device and part of it is probably the same. But it is a sirene only.

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I meant from an OH zwave perspective.

Yeah I know. But since he is struggling getting the siren included, (and therefore not working at all). It doesnt help much… Doorbell 6 should work without an z-wave network. I dont think Siren 6 does.
But I´ll keep my ears and eyes open. As far as I could tell, it´ll soon be avialable in Denmark… Perhaps i would have to grap one and test it myself :smiley:

From the information he just provided we may have to add a new device to the database.

I would have assumed that as well.

Looking at the documentation, you add push buttons to the Siren 6 to make a Doorbell 6. I am starting work on a device for the database :wink:

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Hmm that might explain why they look the same :smiley:

Great… Really appreciate it, if/when I get this device it´ll be added I believe! Good job.

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It looks like a binding change is needed for this due to a new type. Chris is aware and we are discussing this in the Siren 6 thread I posted earlier.
At least we have an xml file now.

Yeah I saw that in the other thread… Perhaps it would be better to close this thread, and stay with the Siren thread, since it´s almost the same device.

The reviews are not all that positive. You can’t upload your own chimes. And people complain about range for the button device.

Hmm thats bad…
I wonder if they have released a new version… The comments are 5 months old. But as far as I can see, then (maybe new) is released her in europe in this month. I think they released one in the US and Australia a few months back.
I also notice the box has changed. When I first saw the device at aeotec´s homepage, it was the normal blue box. But now it seems like a white/grey box.
But if it´s still the same, it´s pretty bad.

Some of the comments also seem to be in conflic… One say it cant load mp3 and another say he uses mp3.

From the latest user guide on the Aeotec site, there is no connector for uploading custom sounds. No mention of custom sounds in the user guide either.

I had considered the Doorbell 6, but removed it from consideration because it does not provide for custom sounds, instead I chose the Doorbell GEN5 and have been very satisfied with it’s functionality with OH2.

Doesnt seem like the Gen5 is available anymore, except for amazon US.

Our current understanding is that the Doorbell 6 is the same as the Siren 6 with added buttons. We are working on adding it to the database, but binding changes need to be made and Chris is away on a business trip in the US.
Discussion is ongoing in the Siren6 thread.

I have this device EU version, do you still need some info or has it been added to the database?