New Business Install! ZWAVE SONOS - Help Requested

I hope someone can help get me started.

Here is what I want to do:

I started an entertainment type retail business, and I want to add automation.

  1. I want speakers to play in the bathrooms when someone is inside the bathroom.
  2. I want to control the lights in the bathroom, and the common area.
  3. I want to control the speakers in the common area.

I did, “a little” bit of research and I believe the openHAB would be the best solution because it works with SONOS and ZWAVE.

I am thinking of running this on a new RASPBERRY PI.

What do you guys think? I have never set anything like this up before. Any recommendations?

While it is possible to play the music and flip on the lights, my question though is what is triggering these events to turn on the lights or play the music?

I’ve also been leary about putting a smart light switch in my bathrooms to avoid humidity problems, I doubt that there would be enough to short out the hardware; but I don’t want to learn that lesson the hard way.

I’m also not sure about retail business and openHAB working from a legit licensing stand point; there might be no issue at all but it might be worth ensuring you aren’t violating anything before tackling the tech side.