New design talent wanted!

Hi all,

I had a challenge for a kind web designer cause I’m lame at web design but I love pretty UI : reproduce this very beautiful template of panel made with CometVISU/Knx and adapt it to HABPanel/OpenHAB.

Is someone ready for this challenge ?




holly s*it, that is one of the nicest panels I have seen so far.

how right you are !!!

No one enough skilled for that challenge ?


There is a beer pack in sight, maybe two :slight_smile:

I’m on it :slight_smile:

But first, we’re on track of making it easier to make themes for HABPanel. Stay tuned :wink:


Oooooh. Very nice. I’ll be dusting off my css skills to work something custom up for sure.

OOOOWWWW Kubawolanin !!! .Really looks awesome. So far I´m closely tuned to that work. Great !

Glad to see there is still Hero xD. I look forward to all the places where it may lead.

Hi @Fejitatete and @kubawolanin

awesome templates!

You would make the templates available for download please?


Just wait some more time :slight_smile:
It’s already merged to HABPanel repository, I’m sure @ysc will announce all the new features.

Yes, but the “Orange tree” theme you made is already bundled in, so users only have to switch to it. I’ll make a post about other more developer-oriented additions.

Edit: ended up explaining most of these things here:

Hey kubawolanin, how did you do to only change the color of the icon instead of the whole square when activated ? is this something easy to make or I need te reprograms all my icon !?

@kubawolanin can you tell me the values to use for a CSS filter to match dark orange for svg images?

Edit: I started a new topic about the implementation of this in the HABPanel Examples category


Amazing job, man! :slight_smile:
Well done.

I love these custom widgets especially.

Maybe it’d be worth to update orange-tree with your overrides? Looks a lot better!

@ysc : Why do you define buttton and slider css style in overrides.css and not in widget ?

Because when you’re defining it in the widget it gets repeated every time you spawn the widget.
Those widgets simply suppose you’re aware of the associated stylesheet.

This is currently a bit tricky to setup, but I’m envisioning as a mid-term goal for HABPanel a way to distribute complete “skins” including styles, widgets, eventually additional iconsets and so on. You would simply install the skin (which could be a standard openHAB addon/OSGi bundle) and everything would become available at once.

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I’ll let you be the judge, after all it’s your theme :wink:

It takes shape, yummy xD.

Just tested it since I’m thinking of adding a panel to the house! I’ll probably squash those dummy widgets into one though. Nice one!