New Device Types

Hi All,

Wondering if there is any way to integrate device types that aren’t listed?

For example, it would be good to have a Device Type TV that can control multiple switches (for example) - On/Off and Volume Up/Down/Mute (plus maybe input etc.).

Looks like the Google API supports it, but I assume a group and ga= tag of TV won’t work?

I assume this would apply to multiple device types, not just TV (except thermostat that supports groups) where you couldn’t link multiple traits to a single item/group?

Unfortunately, users can’t add device types since this functionality is cloud-based. The developers are aware that Google adds new types all of the time, but there’s only so much they can do.

If you’re able to pitch in, I’m sure your efforts would be appreciated!

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Thanks for the response. Understand - and had a look at the issue/code but think it is a bit beyond me at the minute, but happy to help when I can work it out a bit better!

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There is now the device audiovideoreceiver which would be very interesting for me. Is there a good tutorial how to setup the openhab developing environment and develop existing addons? I would then try to contribute as it looks like there is a big progress in the last weeks

This was announced yesterday. I am very interested to have new traits and devices added to openHAB GA as well. After installing my self hosted copy of the openHAB GA action (and as indicated by @michikrug) I noticed it is not so simple to add additional functions. I am afraid my copy/paste skills are insufficient. More than happy to test new functions however on my self-hosted system.

I think you’d want to ask this over at GitHub, where the developers hang out. They pop in here to answer questions, but try to keep the development conversations over there. :wink: