New devices not showing in cloud

I’ve been using google assistant with and everything has been working great, but today I got two new switches and wanted to add them, but they weren’t updating.

So I deleted my items from the account management thinking something was cached from openhab and now nothing is showing.

The website is showing that my openhab instance is connected because I can access it through

I’ve properly configured the desired lights to be exposed as well.

People were abusing Items in the cloud, exposing everything & overloading the service. This was therefore disabled to keep the service functioning. Existing Items still worked though. The current solution, if you really need Items exposed for IFTTT, for instance, is to set up your own personal cloud server.

The non-profit foundation cannot charge for services and does not have the resources to handle adding Items.

Is there an official docker container available to run your own server at least?

All I want to do is present items to Google Home, and now IFTTT isn’t even free any more.

I believe you do not need to expose Items to the cloud server to do that. IFTTT is the only service I remember needing Items exposed.

In fact the official documentation seems to agree.

Well now I feel like an idiot… thanks for the help

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LOL I guess you were one of the ones putting Items into the cloud when you did not need to.

Apparently so… the original instructions said to expose the devices that you needed remote access to, or at least I could have sworn they did.

My problem was actually that I assumed Google automatically updated the devices in realtime, but apparently that isn’t the case, so I thought it only got the exposed devices.

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Just to add to the confusion it Does require you to expose your OH instance to the cloud server,