New Ecobee Security Sensors - Haven

Hi all,

I received two new Ecobee window/door sensors that work with Ecobee thermostats. I have been using Openhab with my Ecobee thermostat successfully for a while now with the Version 1 binding. When I received the new Ecobee window/door sensors, I decided to install the Ecobee Version 2 binding and see if it would discover the sensors. I got the Version 2 binding to work, but don’t see the new sensor. Does anybody know if this should work?


I’m doing the same thing. I tried to manually add the sensor as a thing. I added a new thing using the ecobee binding, chose remote sensor, then chose my thermostat as the bridge and in the sensor id field i put in the code that appears in the “about” line of the sensor in the ecobee app. The new thing is added successfully and shows as being online.

However, it doesnt seem to do anything. There is no data being pulled from the window/door sensor like there is for the other remote sensor. And when I open/close the window, nothing changes in openhab even though the open/close status does change in the ecobee app.

Maybe this sensor type is just not yet supported by the binding?

It doesn’t look like the contact sensors are listed in the response from the API. When I query mine manually I only get my room sensors. Either ecobee hasn’t exposed them yet or they may intentionally not be exposing them to sell their Haven security service.

Of course, I just started playing with the API today to see if they were listed, and it took me a little while to even figure out “includeSensors”:“true” to even get the remote sensors. Very possible I just don’t know wth I’m doing :slight_smile:

Edit: If anyone is playing with what they can query from the thermostat, this looks like the list: