New error: DHCPREQUEST field is missing

Since installing OH2 final I’m seeing repeated errors in the logs:

[ERROR] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCPREQUEST field is missing

Which is odd, because all my bindings and rules seem to be behaving.

Is anyone else experiencing this, or does anyone know what the cause might be?



I’m also getting this error after adding Things:

Thing network:device:handy	 	[ hostname="192.168.xx.xx", port="0", retry="3", timeout="5000", refresh_interval="60000", use_system_ping="false", dhcplisten="true" ]

I’m neither the Network-guy, nor the Linux-pro, but first: is dhcplisten also faster, if I configured my router to give out “static” IPs for my devices?

secondly: Perhaps it’s just a privilege issue, see

be Aware of ` and ’ ! :wink:

But for me, this isn’t also the issue, because:

[17:31:47] pi@openHABian2:~$ sudo getcap `realpath /usr/bin/java`
/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java = cap_net_admin,cap_net_raw+eip cap_net_bind_service+ep

I also get those:

2017-02-17 17:21:31.371 [ERROR] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCPREQUEST field is missing
2017-02-17 17:24:12.340 [ERROR] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCPREQUEST field is missing
2017-02-17 17:31:32.393 [ERROR] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCPREQUEST field is missing
2017-02-17 17:34:13.452 [ERROR] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCPREQUEST field is missing

interesting enough: the intervals of the ERRORs aren’t periodically as you would suspect? (edit: ok, they are sort of, every 10mins, but on two levels?)

Same here. Items are correctly updated but the log shows the error entries.

I would imagine the DHCP requests originate from some other device not in your config, that the binding doesn’t like.

I also have this issue since this morning

I am getting the same thing, has anyone resolved this?

same here +1

I get this too. I do not have anything special here.

network:device:server [ hostname=“”, port=0, retry=1, timeout=5000, refresh_interval=60000, use_system_ping=“false”, dhcplisten=“true” ]

Switch server_status {channel=“network:device:server:online”}
Number server_ResponseTime {channel=“network:device:server:time”}

Frame label=“Network Status”{
Text item=server_status label=“server status is: [%s]” icon="server"
Text item=server_ResponseTime label=“server Response Time [%s]”

I get this log error:
[ERROR] [rvice.dhcp.ReceiveDHCPRequestPackets] - DHCPREQUEST field is missing

fantastic assistance

Hey all,

please report errors like this to Github Issues. I developed the DHCP part of the network binding and was not aware of this thread until now.

The error you see is because of a misbehaving DHCP client in the network. That device send a DHCPREQUEST message but did not include a DHO_DHCP_REQUESTED_ADDRESS field in the message, which violates the standard as far as I recall. I log this as an error, because it is an unexpected behavior. I may change this though, it seem to confuse people.

Cheers, David