New Google Chrome app for OpenHAB

Just published a really basic Chrome extension that allows users to control OpenHAB from a Chrome browser popup.

Check it out here:


Great idea Matt - quick question, does it support authentication? I have security enabled for both internal/external, and can’t seem to get a connection working.

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Works like a charm Matt!

Hey Ben - short answer: I’m working on it!

Long answer: I too use HTTPS and authentication for my OpenHAB install, and I have split DNS meaning I can access the external address from inside. I haven’t yet found a way to pass authentication through from the popup to the OH server. Even though it’s operating in an iframe and I have already authenticated to the web app in the browser window, it doesn’t work. I’m currently looking at how to register OpenHAB as an OAuth endpoint rather than trying somehow to store credentials in the browser, but it’s not as simple as I thought it would be!

Works fine, Nice work.

Only port 8082 was not rigth for me


Just tested it, great work.

Works brilliant. Thank you!

HI, to pass autentication you can use :


I use this to auto logon to my interface and use REST API outside my network.

Please add HTTPS


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Hi Marcolino7 - thanks for that tip. I’ll investigate. This would involve caching password in chrome local storage, so I’ll need to check what the recommended approach for this is.


“Confidential user information should not be stored! The storage area isn’t encrypted.”


I certainly don’t want to bring disrepute onto OpenHAB by doing this :confused:

Anyway GitHub source is [here][1], I welcome contributors to solve this problem!

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It works.Than you

Cool stuff. Thanks.
For me content is quite big. Is there a possibility to zoom the content in the pop-up?
It would also be nice to be able to change the size of the pop-up itself.

There is a config option for the popup size, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m trying make mine taller, and it doesn’t seem to make any different what numbers I put in. Other than that, very cool! Thank you!

It does for me. It changes the size of the openHAB dashboard and with this it also
adapts the pop-up width but I found no option to extend also the pop-up hight.

I get 2 scroll bars, one for OH, then to the right of that another, that scrolls the whole window. I do have a fairly “tall” sitemap, so maybe that’s the problem.

Nice Just install it

one question look like the back button or back arrow does not go back ??

I’ve done some modifications on his extension to allow HTTPS and will be working on some more features.
The new extension is available here at Chrome Web Store and the forked GitHub repository is also openly waiting for your help here..

Changed the icon to the new openHAB logo. I’ve also done some work on the banners and screenshots on this store page to make it look cleaner and more up to date with openHAB branding. Suggestions are welcome here too!


This is also something that I’ll be working on. :slight_smile:

You should use a height value lower than 580, or something like that.

It works great! Thank you very much for your work!