New Google Nest Protect 2nd Gen - Migrate it to a Google Account or not?

Hi folks, I just bought a Nest Protect 2nd Gen. Still packed. I use Openhab3. What is the actual state, should I connect it to the my Google Account or not?

Do you have an ‘old’ Nest account not migrated to google ?
Then you should be able to use Nest binding.

In case you migrated your Nest account to google or you create a new ( google ) account to be used with the Nest API then according to Nest - Bindings | openHAB

The SDM API currently does not support Nest Protect devices.

you cannot use Nest protect with openhab.

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As noted by @Wolfgang_S, Google hasn’t added the Nest Protect to their API. Some folks on the Internet tried to set up MQTT, but it doesn’t seem to have been successful.

If you have an Android device that always lives at home, you could try using Tasker to react to notifications from the Nest app. If there’s a smoke or CO alarm (which should trigger a notification), Tasker would react to it and send a command to OH.

I haven’t tried this, but I do something similar in reverse. OH sends notifications to the OH app, and then Tasker carries out routines on my phone. However, I have full control over the notifications, so I know they aren’t going to change. If you react to the Nest app, they might change the notifications and break your Tasker routines.

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@Wolfgang_S I don’t even know what an old Nest account is. Does it mean I have no option except a new Nest Account?

@rpwong , I know what you mean, but I would need to set up an device just for this. Don’t think its worth it.

Is there anything wrong with the a new Nest Account (except those 5$)?

No, it just doesn’t support Nest Protect. Google doesn’t seem to think that’s important. Maybe this will change when Matter launches, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I didn’t actually bother integrating my Nest with the old Works With Nest API, because I didn’t feel like I was gaining anything by having it in OH. If it goes off, I’ll hear the siren. If I’m out of the house, I’ll get a notification. That’s all I need.

Wait, a new Nest account doesn’t support Nest Protect? Or does Openhab not support new Google Nest Accounts?

This is my first Nest device and I just want to connect my Nest Protect with Openhab 3. Is this possible for me as a new first time Nest owner?

have you read the link I posted above ?
OH needs to use the Google API that is provided for Nest products.
The smoke detector is called Nest Protect product which is not supported by the API.
You may check the APIs page for supported devices: Smart Device Management API  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers

Also others looking for an API: Re: Protect API - Google Nest Community

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No. That’s why I offered the alternative using an Android device. If the API supported the Protect, there wouldn’t be any point to what I said earlier.

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Ok, now I got it. So confusing as you assume that Nest means all Nest products. So typical for Google, everything is half finished. But ok, than I need to stick to “just usable by smartphone”.

Thank you very much.