New HAN-FUN devices from OwangO Media Network for Fritzbox: DECT-ULE Flood Sensor and 2-Channel Switch

Hi all,

searching for a DECT-ULE flood sensor I came across this announcement (sorry only in German) for new HAN-FUN devices for the AVM Fritzbox:

There are currently two devices available:

  • a flood sensor (OWSM-1)
  • and a 2-channel switch (OWWT-2-UP)

I bought me an OWSM-1 to play around and replacing an unreliable solution with Shelly flood sensors (to prevent any misunderstanding: the Shelly sensors are great but I am running OH in a docker environment and this does not work properly with the Multicast UDP-Traffic that is used by the Shelly flood sensors for the CoIoT communication). I tested OWSM-1 successfully with the Fritzbox functions only. It switches my DECT rollershutter when it detects heavy rain outside. I will get me second flood sensor now and a switch to test with my non DECT rollershutters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OwangO Media Network will announce additional HAN-FUN DECT-ULE devices coming in the mid of July for environmental (weather) data … I thought this might be interesting to others too. And depending on the resonance we might get binding support into OpenHAB at some time in the future as well :wink: