New Installation with zwave


At the end of last year I Upgrades to OH3.

Now I would like to peform a clean new installation.
I am using several zwave Devices. One of them is a fibaro switch with is located behind a wall switch.

Do I have to reset all the Devices or can I peform the new installation and OH will find my Devices without it?

Thank you for your help.

The devices are stored o the ZWave controller. So you usually do not need to rediscover them unless you change the controller.
Hower for battery operated devices you still need to wake them up a few times (or wait over night) in order for the interview to be completed so that openHAB sees them properly.

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… and in case you have secure included devices don’t forget to write down the key.
It is stored in the binding - not on controller …

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The only reason I could see for resetting everything would be to remove zombie nodes affecting the network performance. There is Windows based software that lets you delete those nodes from the controller without resetting everything.

What version did you upgrade from?

Especially when moving to a much newer OH version it can be useful to delete all the Device Things ( NOT exclude from the network)(NOT the controller) and re-discover / add to OH to get the newest binding settings for that device.