New location for v1 binding docs?

As a result of a question regarding the MiOS v1 binding, I tried to link to the documentation:

Presumably as a result of the OH3 release things got shuffled around. Is there a new home for the legacy documentation?

I ended up linking to the Github version of the docs, which I guess is the same, but all v1 bindings searched through Google currently result in a 404 for the top result.

The docs are still there.

Since v1 bindings are just supported untli openHAB 2 they have been removed from the v3 docs.

You can find them in :slight_smile:

@ysc can we do some redirect magic for addons with the trailing 1 in the url to point them to the v2 subdomain?

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OK, great, v2 is the new home!

This would be super useful, as all current search results point to the main domain. If I search “openHAB MiOS binding” in a search engine I unfortunately don’t get the link to the documentation in GitHub.

Hopefully there isn’t a binding with a 1 at the end of it’s name…

You are totally right and if possible we should avoid 404s when someone comes from a search engine.

The 1 should be the identifier for v1 bindings for a long time.
I doubt that we will have some addon with a 1 in its url on purpose. :slight_smile:

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We should have redirects for all v1 bindings.
Please report, if you find one that still doesn’t get redirected properly. :slight_smile:

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