New mail binding not appearing in PaperUI

I installed stable on a new Debian system last night using openhabian. It’s 2.5.4, and I did not choose to enable 1.x bindings.

For some reason the new Mail binding does not appear in the list of addons in PaperUI. Has anybody else run into this?

@RealBrianWarner, I have it in Paper UI>Add-ons>BINDINGS

I installed exim4 last night, and now it’s there.

I didn’t see it in the documentation, does anybody know if having an MTA installed is a dependency for this add-on? If so, I’ll open a PR to document it.

You only need to install something if you want to host your own email services. Otherwise you should just need to access information of an SMTP service (to send email) and IMAP or POP3 for receiving. I use Gmail personally.

I doubt the installation of exim4 caused the binding to appear. OH doesn’t have that capability as far as I know. You might receive errors when configuring or using the binding, but it won’t hide the binding itself if you have some unmet requirement on the host.

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Thanks Rich. My only guess was that I’d missed something in my install, and that was the one thing I didn’t do during the setup.

It seems to work now, so if it wasn’t dependency-related, I’ll call this one a transient issue and mark your response as the solution.