New meteoblue binding - no icon

I try the new metoblue binding with a free API key. They data works fine, but I can’t receive an image (or image name) with the icon channel.
I’m using Openhab 2.4
Did anybody successfully receives the icon/image=

Hi, sorry if I misused your forum…in general I try to respect forum rules.
I don’t see why you think my question is a “Helpdesk” question - I do not ask for help, I just like to know whether the binding works anywhere with the icons and I have to check (myself) my installation…or whether it might be a general problem.
For my understanding the OpenHAB meteoblue binding is not commercial software.
As this binding is described on the official OpenHAB Addons Bindings page, I thought the focus of my question is enough OpenHAB to be asked in this forum … sorry if I’m wrong.
Yes, I have to admit that title, category and tag could be more precise.

@ere You are not the only one :wink: I did open an issue on github:

I think I may have just figured out why this isn’t working for you.
I’ve reopened the tracking ticket in case a change can be made.

Gentlemen, I successfully installed the meteoblue binding with the latest stable version of OH 2.4.0. I downloaded all images from meteoblue as instructed, renamed the png files to e.g. “day-1.png”, uploaded those 19 files from the png download to the openhab folder conf/icons/classic but still no image shown. What do I do wrong? There is simply no content.

Any hint?

… while the binding is expecting files like iday-3.png

Did not check, but could it be that iday instead of day should be used?

At least according documentation :slight_smile:

i have the same problem. The icon is not loading.
i installed the icons under the following paths
/etc/openhab2/icons/classic <- not working
/etc/openhab2/conf/icons/classic <- not working
/opt/openhab2/conf/icons/classic <- not working
/var/lib/openhab2/conf/icons/classic <- not working
all named like iday-* and iday*
i have the issue open on github

i’m really going nuts, all is working retrieving of all data works only the icon don’t want to load.

does anyone have an idea whats going wrong here.

thanks a lot

`Hi Andreas,

I was running today into exactly the same issue. I did an Debug logging and came to the same conclusion.

Then I edited the source add-on on gitub… (see below) . I think/believe the code has got a wrong hardcoded location “…/conf/icons/classic/

Interestingly when I look at the /usr/share/openhab2/addons directory I dont see the addon-files. Does somebody know where I could quickly hardcode/change this .java file on my installation, or do we have to “re-compile” it ?

(you are not talking to a linux or java developer) so bare with my knowledge.

private Image loadImageIcon(String imageFileName) {
        BufferedImage buf = null;
        File dataFile = new File(new File("../conf/icons/classic/"), imageFileName);
        if (!dataFile.exists()) {
            logger.debug("Image file '{}' does not exist. Unable to create imageIcon.", dataFile.getAbsolutePath());
            return null;

Thanks for an answer


This is compiled code.