New meteoblue binding - no icon

(Rene) #1

I try the new metoblue binding with a free API key. They data works fine, but I can’t receive an image (or image name) with the icon channel.
I’m using Openhab 2.4
Did anybody successfully receives the icon/image=

(namraccr) #2

(Rene) #3

Hi, sorry if I misused your forum…in general I try to respect forum rules.
I don’t see why you think my question is a “Helpdesk” question - I do not ask for help, I just like to know whether the binding works anywhere with the icons and I have to check (myself) my installation…or whether it might be a general problem.
For my understanding the OpenHAB meteoblue binding is not commercial software.
As this binding is described on the official OpenHAB Addons Bindings page, I thought the focus of my question is enough OpenHAB to be asked in this forum … sorry if I’m wrong.
Yes, I have to admit that title, category and tag could be more precise.

(Michael Joos) #4

@ere You are not the only one :wink: I did open an issue on github: