New Mobotix Android App

As the official Mobotix app failed to impress me, I developed my own. It pretty much resembles the functionality of the FritzFON. i.e. Someone rings at the door and the App pops up, you see the camera image and you can either pickup the call or ignore it.
Currently in Beta but if you wanna give it a try PM me. (Android Only)

This sounds interesting. Once I get to that strep, currently migrating from 1 to 2, I will check in on this.

Hi what is the app name or how to download

I never released it. It was supposed to work via a push message that would open the app and start the video stream. But the push messges were not reliable enough. They took too long after the first ring and sometimes did not arrive at all.
If you wish you can contact me via pm. But i Promise this is not as easy as: install the app and go.