New Model: WXKG11LM - Xiaomi Aqara wireless switch

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(Radim Kabeláč) #1

I bought a new version of Xiaomi Aqara wireless switch. I connect it through TI CC2531EMK USB Stick. But OpenHAB did not know this device so can do a Channel Item. Other thing (Door sensor) works well.
Its is visible as:

LUMI lumi.remote.b1acn01 ONLINE
ZigBee Device


zigbee_logicaltype END_DEVICE
zigbee_powerlevel FULL
modelId lumi.remote.b1acn01
zigbee_networkaddress 57205
zigbee_powersource DISPOSABLE_BATTERY
zigbee_stkversion 2
zigbee_datecode 20180525
zigbee_zclversion 1
vendor LUMI
zigbee_powermode RECEIVER_ON_IDLE
zigbee_powersources [DISPOSABLE_BATTERY]
hardwareVersion 2

How I can help to integrate it to Zigbee binding?

(Bruno De Vrieze) #2

I’m having the same issue. I’ve found After updating my install It still doesn’t find

edit: after some fiddling around, I could add it manually with the code from the logging through paperUI.