New OH3 Binding - Midea Air Conditioning (LAN)

I deleted the debug log, recompiled, and updated the downloadable JAR.

I’m experiencing that same issue as described by atyec89 even have two AC’s where both are having these issues.

Had these issues already in the OpenHAB 3 version, but somehow since the Openhab 4.1 and Smarthome transforming their platform the communication seems more bugged than before.

In some cases the devices responds well, but in other cases the device starts acting up, not reacting anymore and throws a lot of errors regarding the length of the data and the communication being lost due to a broken pipe:

That is with the V3 USB
To be exact, my AC’s have a:
Nethome Plus
These dongles have an imprint in the casing that says Smart kit

Dongle version 3, firmware version 3.0.8. I forgot to mention in my previous post, that, what is interesting, I was able to get it working with below version from @justaoldman.

Hovewer it is not stable.

After your comment I’ve also tried this binding and it does indeed seem more reactive to input. I see the occasional broken pipe message, but both my AC’s now can be properly controlled via OpenHAB.

Hi, I am sorry you are having problems but considering it was only to test with and confirm your device could connect and receive commands and also confirm that token and key work…
That is why it says pure rough for debug only!! @zdanhauser 's version is what you should be using for any continuous use. What I provided was just a test package and even I only use it to try and add/puzzle out some additional functions and quirks so it was never meant to be used long term.
I have removed it from my replies on blog to prevent further confusion. as well as pulled the jar off github the source files are still there if someone else wants to review the code or even stand up their own environment and compile their custom version to test with…

@justaoldman Hi! No problem, I was aware of it. I just wanted to highlight, that binding with my device could work, which means, that from my side probably settings were done properly.
I didn’t planned to use it continuously, but for debug purpose it was fine. Therefore thank you!