New openHAB Build Server (Jenkins)


Over the last years, we were gratefully using a hosted Jenkins instance, which Cloudbees provided to us for free as part of their Dev@Cloud offer. Unfortunately, they have now discontinued this service and it has been shut off today as you might have noticed if you visited the url of the old Jenkins at

Luckily, we were informed well in advance and had the chance to take mitigation actions. Since a few weeks, the openHAB Foundation is running a new Jenkins server at, which did all our snapshot and milestone builds over the past weeks already and also builds all PRs that are done against openHAB repos and provides feedback on them. The server runs pretty stable and it is now also covered by our monitoring and status page We are planing to upgrade the hardware and take further steps to decrease the build time to make it even more efficient. I would like to thank all openHAB Foundation members as well as all other people, who have donated to the foundation, since all our infrastructure is only possible through your support!

The next major task for our Jenkins will be the openHAB 2.4 release build, which will be published next Monday - so stay tuned!



Hi @Kai,

One issue I noticed is that the new URL is not working with the iPhone. The a.m. link redirects to

and I get a 404.
Can that be fixed?

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll look into it!

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Should be solved now.

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Confirmed, thank you @Kai!

Any ideas when the build server will be back online?

I’m working on an update, allow it some time.

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It is back again. With twice as many CPUs, twice as much disk space, RAM and bandwidth :slight_smile: .


Mr. Jenkins got a winter cold and he is sneezing:

Someone needs to give him a full glass of orange juice or a chicken soup to get better :slight_smile:


Guys is the build server down?

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I don’t mind if he’ll be faster and more stable after awaking from his nap. :wink:

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Is there a reason for having it? If jenkins at least had a plugin to report it’s build findings back to GitHub.

There’s circle ci, Travis ci, Google cloud ci and so on and they all build open source projects for free.

Many of those have memory or build time constraints (<1h). Furthermore (at least Travis) does not allow to persist any results like the SAT reports or the built artifacts or log files from tests.

If you manage to get something like working on a free service, I’d be surprised.