New Router

i am using openhab 2.5 on windows. today i got a new router and installed it.
after that openhab can no more be reached through adress:8080 but only
on the computer on which it is installed.
the homematic binding as well has problems and wont let me contact the
bridge any more.
i checked all new adresses in my home network, the major one, the one on
which openhab is installed, didnt change.
any idea ?
thanks, martin

First guess, new router brings new DHCP server, which creates new IP addresses.

hi opus,
yes the router did, but i changed every one in the settings. my internal
adress of the “openhab-computer” didnt change…
any other ideas ?
thanks for your reply

hi, just made it…
it was the setting of my windows computer, where the new router got
recognized as a new network and changed it to public.
after changing it to home network everything works fine !!!

Depending on the used new router it migth have new (to you) network features resulting in “connectivity problems” ( firewall, subnets…)
We can’t tell without knowing whatkind of router is used and whi h functions of the router are enabled.
Just read our last, once again a “WinzigWeich” problem.