New Samsung phone and OpenHAB not playing nice

I’m not even sure this has anything to do with OpenHAB and definitely don’t know what sub forum to use here.

But, I have no idea so I figured I’d see if anybody had any ideas.

Just had the “opportunity” set up my new Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

For some reason, anytime I hit the home button on the phone it offers me the selection between OpenHAB (the url of my system is found automagically) or Samsung One UI.

If I select OpenHab, that is all that I can get to. I can’t Exit the app, So I can’t get to other apps. And, hitting the home button simply displays OH.

It works fine for home control though.

If I select Samsung One UI, then the phone behaves normally.

How did you install the openHAB app? Can you post the link to the entry in the app store?

Didn’t, it came over automagically from old phone.

And, in fact, it is not shown in the Play Store list of what IS installed (I actually removed it yesterday…)

It would be interesting if you used the official app or any other app, like HABPanel viewer

I think I just solved the mystery. Key word “think”. :wink:

Nothing OpenHAB was installed in Playstore.

But, Samsung store did have OpenHAB KIOSK installed…note, I never installed that AFAIK.

I uninstalled that and the home button no longer does the weirdness.

We’ll see what happens after I boot the phone a few times. :roll_eyes:

Weird, I can’t find anything for openHAB in the Galaxy Store (and wouldn’t expect to).

That aside, it sounds like an app that identified itself as a launcher (which can make sense for a kiosk), which is why you were given the choice. Your phone didn’t know which one to choose as the default. The same would happen if you installed another launcher (e.g. Nova Launcher).

Usually, you can select the app and then choose “Always” to make it the default.

It didn’t show in the Playstore, it was in the Samsung store…
But, what ever it was took the app that was from the Playstore.
When I went to use the app after removing the other form Samsung store, it was gone.
No clue…

That’s the funny thing, I got that popup and if I chose the OH then the home button would only go to OH.

In any case, after I realized there was no OH app on the phone, I went to Playstore and installed the OH app and all is working as normal now.

And the OH kiosk thing, or for that matter the choice between it and On UI is not offered. And the OH app is on my home screen as it was on the old phone.


The Galaxy Store is the Samsung Store. At least, it is in Canada. Maybe it’s different in other regions?