New Sensibo Binding - Existing Binding to Model?

I’d like to develop an OH2 binding for the Sensibo AC control system. Below is a high-level view of how the system would fit together.

In a nutshell:

  • The heart of the system is an Internet/Zigbee bridge, which relays commands from the Sensibo cloud to controller pods.
  • Controller pods are placed on AC units, and transmit IR commands (on/off, heat/cool, temperature, fan speed) to the AC units.
  • The pods also serve sensor data (temperature, humidity, battery).

So, my binding will need:

  • A bridge Thing, with an API key attribute.
  • A Pod thing, with a number of read-only and read/write channels.

Can anyone recommend an existing binding that could serve as a good model? I’ve taken a look at the Philips Hue one, but it seems like it might be even more complex than I need.

Thanks for your help.