New Setup - suggestions

Hi all together,

actually I am very new to openHAB but I like the way how it works. We build a new home and I want to prepare everything for the smarthome-setup. First step is, which solution would be the best for rolling shutter. Or in general, would you prefer WLAN, Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave or ZigBee actors?

I will keep writing as we progress :slight_smile: and I thank you for alle hints and suggestions


You need to get an idea how to (physically) build your smart home first.
openHAB can support all of these technologies in parallel, so you can mix and match anything. It does not neither mandate nor prefer any of them.
Please read up more on home automation in general. There’s also many threads here on the forum.

For a start: first, since you are about to build, consider using wired technologies. They’re more reliable.
Second, in any case centralize wiring as much as possible so you can still replace the technology without a need to rewire later.
Third, when it comes to wireless, there’s no (or just very few) BLE and ZigBee general purpose actuators available.
WLAN works now that a couple of products have emerged on the market but it still has drawbacks compared to ZWave such as radio reliability, compatibility, energy consumption. That’s why most people here use it and still recommend using it.

Hi Markus,
thank you for the answer. Actually I decided not to use wired technologies, since I think it is not necessary anymore. But it is as always only my preference not to use it. Also the costs are not in relation to the benefit anymore.
The advice to use ZWave is helpful. I wondered what to use and why ZWave should be the best.
My goal is, to go wirelesse at all and I don´t want to use any home automation center such as Homematic CCU for example.
I will have a look of ZWave actors and the possibility to use it with the raspberry PI 3

I have started following this thread, because I’m also interested in which products are used by other openhab users to control the shutters.
I just want to replace my old shutters with a new one which is electric. I have found this product so far which can be good.

However I’m waiting on others opinion. But Z-Wave seems a good choice.
Also what do you think, do I need normal buttons on the wall for shutters (I want to fully automatize this, so I will operate them rarely I think), but do someone has switches for electric shutters on the wall?

I have heard about the Fibaro Roller Shutter and actually I think, this could be one of the best choices. But also Sonoff and Homematic seem to be good.
Smartware Shutters are in evaluation at the moment

I use Sonoff switches and these are really good for their price. However it only has some switches and nothing more complex thing. (Like shutter controller, etc…)

Take a comprehensive approach to plan your smart home. There’s a couple of points to think of.
For example, you will not want to put fullblown battery-powered wireless sensors everywhere but will want to combine multiple measuring points into one. Think of a clever wiring fanout such as to have star wiring from all windows in a room to a central location so you need just one (multi-input) sensor there. That one can still be a wireless but mains-powered one. There’s also ZWave general purpose actuators to usually be placed below light switches to provide additional binary input contacts.
Sooner or later you’ll want to have more than just shutter automation, but you don’t want to end up with a patchwork of different technologies. Z-Wave is a good choice since it supports actuators and sensors from a variety of companies and takes care of inter-device compatibility so you can build a ZWave network to still provide a minimum functionality even if your server or rules might not be working.
Also stay flexible (particularly in terms of wiring).
Don’t decide one-by-one and just stare at the price per device, in the end cost is where you don’t expect it to be (extra controllers or wiring required, lack of features or reliability resulting in a need to rework your setup).

Fibaro FGRM are good, best among shutters. I use them myself and have no switches attached.
Here’s my setup.
But wall switches are a personal preference noone can answer but you. Depends on the wiring efforts and usage habits. You can attach switches to Fibaro actuators to directly operate the shutters but you can also configure these to be scene switches to serve as general purpose inputs (to group shutter operation but also to virtually anything else such as light scenes).
As a final advice, stay flexible. All the new tech will change your usage habits, too. And your ideas what to add will change greatly over time as you keep discovering what else can be done.

going completely wireless is an option but keep in mind most sensors/nodes, will still need some power and not everything is on batteries, so even if you go for full wireless, plan enough mains sockets too, even in the oddest of places. There are sockts with one or more USB outlets. Those might come in handy for sensors that are likely/possibly fed with a USB cable

Hey thank you all for the good advices and the posted example. I think Fibaro is the first, which will be integrated in the openHAB system.