New Smart Meter, meter value reset in DSMR

Hi All,

Hopefully I am in the right place to post this.

For a while I have been logging my DSMR values and displaying them in a graph successfully. I had made bar graphs for days in week, days in month, and months in year views. They showed the total amount of high and low tariffs usage. I had been using these two total tariff values to calculate the correct amount for each day and month. The binding gets these totals from the meter and they are displayed as items in OH3, with persistence.

However, yesterday my smart meter got replaced, therefore resetting all the tariff totals to 0. The meter was automatically recognized by the binding again, and the logging continued, however with a jump from 10k+ to 0 in the totals. Now my graphs are all screwed up, showing a huge -10k bar.

My question is of course: how to fix this? I was thinking of adding an offset from the reset moment in the persistance data, but another option would be to tell the graph to redo the calculation from the reset moment. Both methods I do not actually know how to implement. Or perhaps there’s a simpler method?