New Terrace - What Outdoor LED Spots and Driver / Controller should go with?

Hi all,

So I have build this new Terrace and I want to install some nice LED in it. Currently I’m looking at LED Spots and LED Strips. What I want is, that I would like to have RGBWW (full rgb and white warm is that correct?) and then be able to control it from my HABpanel / Basic UI. I would like to be able to turn off the LED’s and Turn them on + change the color of course.

I been looking through a lot of solutions but bare with me, I just don’t know for sure what solution I should go with in order to get it working as I want. I’ve been looking at this product:

I don’t know what controller it is and whether it has a binding :frowning:

So please guys, what do you use and what can you suggest?

I think you can use it if you flash Tasmota firmware on the Magichome compatible Wifi controller (it has to be a ESP 8266 or 8285 chip inside!).
With that you can control the spot easily via mqtt commands.
See tasmota wiki

I control a LED stripe with a flashed Homemagic clone? Controller with Tasmota firmware and Openhab exactly as you describe…
Works straightforward if you flashed the controller. Just needs the mqtt bindings. Project is well documented and heavily in development with new awesome features!

Hi Guys,

I received the goods and started it up. Linked it with the App and I’m able to control it.
Afterwards I installed the WiFi Binding and set it up using the LD382A and it works like a charm.

I can power it off and on, use the colorpicker and use a slider to dim the lights with.
So I am really happy with it :).


I am interesting about your equipment. so do you recommend the light.
and to integrate with openHab did you mean that you flashed it?

Hi there,

Yes I do! It’s functioning very well and it suit my needs.
I didn’t flash anything. I simply connected it and powered it up and the of course did the setup in openhab, but that was it :slight_smile:

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Hello my dear,

Is it addressable, means the lights can be controlled individually or all together?

And What do you mean by LD282A, is it wifi-rgb-controller, and is it come with the lights?