New to MyQ, where do I start?

Hi All,

Last week a thunderstorm took out my Insteon garage door opener, so rather than replace it in kind I decided to buy the Chamberlain MyQ.

I have the MyQ installed and functioning on the app, now I want to configure it for OpenHab. I tried following the instructions on the site only to discover that those instructions no longer apply, if I understand what I found in the forums it seems that Chamberlain changed their API in December 2019 requiring a new JAR.

I’m running OH 2.2, what’s not clear to me is whether I should use the myq 1.14 or the 2.5. It kinda reads as if the myq 2.5 is for OH 2.5, but it’s not at all clear.

Knowing I’m running 2.2, what do I need to do to get the myq running on my system?


Try the .jar from the post here:

If you follow along in that thread, it seems to be the most up-to-date binding that works best at this point in time.

If you are running 2.2, you can try it, but it was compiled for a 2.5 system. I’d recommend upgrading assuming your other bindings are compatible as well. Due to the API changes the 1.x binding no longer works.

I’m reluctant to upgrade to 2.5 as a friend did it and he’s having many problems including his Alexa binding. I use Alexa a lot so it would be a huge loss of functionality to lose that.

I don’t use the Alexa binding so I can’t personally speak on the issues being widespread or anecdotal there. However, all my bindings are working great.

Being as far behind the current release as you are makes it difficult to provide much else for a solution. Especially with a binding like myQ which has faced numerous API changes that broke previous binding versions.

I’d recommend an openhab-cli backup before an upgrade in case you do have issues and want to revert to your current state.

I would recommend testing 2.5 on a separate device/computer try the myq as well as alexa binding. If they both work migrate over your other things. This assumes you can setup some type of simple test of alexa.

There were problems with the Alexa binding caused by a change on Amazon’s side that uncovered a memory leak. That has since been fixed as of 2.5.6 I think. The latest version is 2.5.8.