New to OH: OH1 or OH2 (X10)


I am new to OH and I am wondering if it is worth to start using OH2 or go for OH1.

Just for adding some information, I am planning to run OH on a Raspberrypi 2 to automate my X10 devices using the X10 mochad binding (CM15pro).

Thanks in advance.

If you started with openHAB 1.8.2, you will be able to move your configuration to openHAB 2. Since openHAB 2 has not reached its first non-beta release, starting with openHAB 1.8.2 might save you from encountering issues that are still being resolved. You could of course start with either, but 1.8.2 might be a more predictable starting point.

I’m in a similar situation - I am currently running OH1 on a Raspberry Pi 2, but with HABmin2 (the latest stable build). I would like to upgrade to the latest development build of HM2, but the recent ones are no longer compatible with OH1. Is there a recommended procedure to upgrade OH1 to OH2?