New to OpenHab coming from Smartthings

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware:Dell Z800 Workstation
    • Windows 10
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu Version 8
    • openHAB version: 2.5
  • Issue of the topic: Adding Zwave devices and any device that has temp or constant changing values humidity,luminance are not updating . I have installed 2 aotec multis and a fibaro smart implant and I keep getting Nan readings unless I power cycle the devices? I have also added a Zooz power strip and it functions properly and constantly updates power usage properly. What am I doing wrong

Hi, The Aotec multisensors only send information periodically, in order to save power. Mine do the same after a reboot of OH, but they will update after a while.

It has been over an hour and they havent updated in the paper ui . Should they update in the paper ui . I can see in the log that it is constantly updating from null to 72.1f . But even when I reset the device it still shows a display of celsius.


The Paper UI is meant for openHAB administration only. you can set up a sitemap and use the Basic UI or research HABPanel. I have not user HABPanel.

As Bruce has indicated, PaperUI is for administration and therefore it has pretty much no customization. The device is reporting in F but your OH is configured to use C so PaperUI is converting the 72.1 F to C. You can set the default unit for your OH system in PaperUI -> Configuration -> System -> Regional Settings. Click the “Show More” and change “Measurement Syste” to “US (Imperial)”. Then anywhere you use the default display of an Item (e.g. in PaperUI) it will show using inches, F, lbs, etc. instead of CM, C, KG, etc.

Okay thanks for the response. I just added a few to a quick test of habpanel being when I click Basic UI it says I havent created a sitemap. They seem to update but really slowly. Guess I will figure how to set this sitemap and use the Basic UI I am not really interested in the Habpanel at the moment. Trying OH out just to see if the switch from Smartthings is necessary or beneficial.

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A couple of links to get you started :wink:

We have a VERY dedicaled developer for Z-Wave & Zigbee. He was a large help to me when I first evaluated openHAB last year. Give a shout in this thread is we can assist. I an in the US and our developer is based in the UK. We also have experienced users in other countries.

I appreciate the warm welcome and the assistance. I can see there is a bit of a learning curve to get this accomplished and setup properly . I like the ease of smartthings but not the cloudbase rules and automations. I run the building automation for a hospital and we use Nigara Tridium which has function block programming and is so simple and intuitive. Guess I am kind of spoiled

I think some people use node-red with openHAB for something similar.