New to OpenHab - How do I fix my wish (Gardena Binding + Alexa file based)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel Nuk
    • OS: Ubuntu Linux 16.04
    • OpenHAB version: LATEST SNAPSHOT
    • Issue How do I fix my wish (Gardena Binding + Alexa file based)

I’ve trying to get into the Openhab world, its uphill but i’m giving it a go. System is up and running, i have made my sitemap demo, and installed the Gardena binding, if i use auto all comes up - and i can control the Irritation syatem via the web interface. But Alexa can’t start it - as I cant set the [Switchable] tag in auto mode? So i’m trying to set it all up via config files - and this is the nightmare for me, but it is loaded and loged in - so the help i need is how to config the items file, things file and sitemap to also use it via the mobile (mobile is hooked up via the cloud and connected)

I think its very hard to read the Gardena Binding site, on how to config the ic24 “smart Irrigation Control” and end up with option to turn on Zone 1 and than in the end could do a Amazon Ecro statment “Alexa - start Zone1”. Link to the Add-on is here:

In my things file i have this:

Bridge gardena:account:home [ email="", password="SECRET", refresh=30 ]
  Thing ic24 myirrigation  [ deviceId="Here is used the ID found on the config webpage for the ic24 device" ]

I can see it online, in the interface under automode/auto setup - here I can start and stop the irritation and set time, but i need it to be configered manualy in the config files to make it work with Alexa.

Can anyone help me out on what i need in the other config files… i can’t figure it out - and i’m so close.

I’m not a developer or used to coding, but have worked a little with linux, and everything else is working. Just need some help in understading how to do this.

Hope someone, if ready to take on the challange :slight_smile:

Is there NO one able to help? on how to setup things and items etc based on the Gardena guide?


What channels does the thing exposes?

Hi Vzorgglub,

I’m new, so what channels is, is a little new but i’m gonna try to show you.

Channels 1 - 6 im showing the first as the only valve i have, but it supports 6:

This is what the GUI shows under the unit, under Channels.

Watering Timer 1


Guide is here:

You can create an item in an items file:

Number Gardena_Timer "Timer [%d]" { channel="gardena:ic24:home:myirigation:watering#watering_timer_1" }

And you can send a command in a rule to that item like so:

rule "Gardena"

Now, Alexa doesn’t really support sending commands to number items but it can do Dimmer items
You need to set a tag of [Lighting] in the item and say:
“Set Gardena Timer to 20”


It’s a work around.

Thanks, now I just need to make a currect Sitemap for it to trigger via the interface + mobile, will try Alexa in a moment.

I tryid this in the sitemaps - but cant make it start, it will not go up or down in mins, might be a wrong choice to use Setpoint.

sitemap home label=“SmartHome”
Frame label=“Garden”
Setpoint item=Gardena_Timer label=“Zone1 [%.1f min]” minValue=1 maxValue=59 step=1