New to Openhab looking for info on reverse engineering?

Hello guys,

I am new to this site, Program. I am looking into what products will work with Openhab2 and I found some Wifi Switches. My question is how would you suggest going about reverse engineering them to figure out weather OpenHab2 can control them or not?

I’m wondering if you can re-flash them with your own code to have wifi HTTP access does anyone have any input on this? Or is there a switch shell that we can buy and DIY our own switchs using the ESP8266 as the work horse?


What kind of communications do they support out of the box?
If they can be controlled remotely using http and/or mqtt, then you can use the respective bindings and integrate them in your OH2 installation.

You mean something like:

Yes but I’m still looking for the Wall switch tactile feel and look. I’ve thought about making my own circuit board using high volt relay to drive light power step down 110 to 5 v and use a standard switch as input sorce on the ESP8266.

Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Light Switch (older Version uses Android app)

Ankuoo REC Wi-Fi Light Switch (Newer Version reported to be open API)

I’m looking for a more cost effective device than a TP-Link of a WEMo unit.