New to openhab needing some help with my.openhab events not updating

running openhab v1.8 on raspberry pi2 , headless configed via ssh and openhab designer(windows)

all relevant addons for myopenhab added 1. 8.0.jar files etc

Hi Iv been using openhab for a couple of months now and loving it , so first of all much respect to the makers and maintainers out there.

sorry if its a waffle .

So iv got some cool stuff set up and working bindings and rules etc and remote access to my switches and sensors etc through habdroid using my.openhab cloud services. which was great but then I moved on to more other automation using IFTTT , set up account make recipe and linked openhab . created the myopenhab.persist with relevant code in it and editing the config file to reflect this.

so back to the cloud can see events and items even got an IFTTT event trigger but that’s were my problem start.

openhab is online and but the events only seem to update when I restart the openhab service on the pi but even then only shows the last half dozen. were if you tail the events.log there is lots happening.

so basically IFTTT wont work as the event triggers are not getting to the cloud or something just don’t know what else to try so was looking for ideas .for what I have done wrong.

thanks for any help given .


Sorry if I didn’t follow you, can you log into my.openhab and see your items showing up there with accurate statuses? Or it is only accurate when you first restart openhab?

If you don’t see up to date info in my.openhab that is probably the start of the problem, not IFTTT. Have you confirmed your email address for your account? I didn’t start seeing things work until after I did that.

If it stops working after a while…is the Pi running out of memory or some other resource it needs? You might try running your code on the windows box just to see if the problem goes away on different hardware.

Hi Drew ,

Thanks for your response.

  The events logs show the times and dates accurate events but only for a matter of mins.  for example if I restart openhab on the pi while logged into my.openhab after a 2 mins refresh the page and about 6 events are there all within a minute eg temps of rooms, switch on off etc but if you wait another 2 minutes and refresh there is no more new events. but within the events.log(on the pi) they continue to update.  

 so all points to persistence I though but myopenhab.persist  is there and loads at start up and my cloud has always worked with or without it ie habdroid remote url access.

My work around at the moment is using notifymyandroid to push notifications I want to IFTTT which in turn can do other stuff.
I appreciate the suggestion of the resources I will need to check the pi as im running a couple of brokers and some opencv face detection but maybe the brokers are causing an issue or some random memory leak…

thanks for fresh look