New to openhab, wanting to learn voice control

Good evening!

So i was looking into trying home automation AND do something with my rpi3. And thus i came across this and very interested in trying it. I installed the self configuring iso and have it up and running. already linked my chromecast and Lifx multi color bulb to it and manually everything works. I would now like to try my hand at voice controlling the on and off function of the bulb (not worried about much else for now). I would be using this app

all tutorials i have searched for seem out of date or not fully flushed out :slight_smile:
basically i want to know where .item and .rules files need to go from the root dir and updated does anyone have example code for a LIFX device so i can see how it works an play with it?

thanks for any help


items: /etc/openhab2/items/
rules: /etc/openhab2/rules/

Ok I don’t see ect directory in the root folder. Do I have to make it here
or elsewhere in the filesystem?

Strange. How did you install openHAB? Manually?

Then the files go into opt/openhab2/conf/items/ , etc.

No I used the RaspPI ISO that does the setup for you that was in the docs.
Was there more setup I should have done after?

Lol wow. Ok never mind I am apperantly massively blind. Ect folder is

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If you need help next time better call it openHABian so we know what you mean :grinning:

Understood. This what I get for doing this at 2am lol

With openHAB it always gets late :grin:

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