New Toon Binding

I contributed a binding for Toon today. Here is a link to the PR. In case you are a Toon owner and would like to give it a try, you can download the binding from my github repo here.

At the moment temperature, setpoint, program mode, gas and power usage are supported. Smart plugs are also supported. Hue lights and smoke alarms are not supported.

Please let me know if you are interested in this binding.

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Hi Jorg,

I have an small question about this binding, when i check the imported values i see at the ga value an value that is not the used m3 of gas of today. is there an way to change the import string to the one 1 want to see?

Hi DJ,

so to be clear, you do get gas meter reading (other than 0) but this is not the current gas meter reading?
The value is in Liter, not m3, could that account for the difference you are seeing? Can you give some more details about what kind of info you do receive and what you where expecting? Maybe also what kind of meter adapter are you using?

As a user you can not change what values are imported.


I’m using the binding, and have been, and it performed very well!

However, few days ago, Toon rolled out an update, and the binding seems to go to sleep.

It wakes up when you activate the app. It used to log continuosly. Maybe Toon changed something on their side.

Looking to see if more have this issue