New UI for OpenHab


I bought a couple of cheap android tablet and plan on using them as wall controller …

I’ve try greent, habdroid etc but the UI is not really convenient for that kind of use… (but its perfect as remote control app)

Actually i’m thinking of something like Tiles (metro styles) or big button acting as switch and couple of other stuff.

I must admit i’m more confident in Html 5 than android native app … so i was thinking about starting from greent …

I would like to know if someone already thought about that and if you got some suggestions.

Also it seems that greent at some point stop receiving status update from openhab (known issue section), any idea why that happen ?


I bookmarked this some time back, but haven’t looked at it much yet:


There was a similar question here recently…

I can say that for HABmin2, this is something that is being implemented. Currently the dashboard view only supports a few widgets (graph, floorplan, gauges), but buttons and other widgets are planned soon :smile:

The interface is responsive so works well across different machines. There is also a compiled Android version (although only with the slightly older interface and not recent bug fixes). It also works in full screen mode which is nice for tablets…

Like many things related to OH2, it’s work in progress but should be in good shape before OH1 end of life (I hope!) :smile:


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Thanks !! that’s pretty much what i’m looking for

Like a lot of thing from openhab2 sound really promising !!

There is Imperihome too

I use this for Vera, but there is an OH binding

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I want to find out, If let say I give I intend to come out with smart devices and the name of my company is SmartThings Co. Ltd. Hooking up my devices is based on OpenHab. Now if I use openHab tools such as the openHab Admin and co, is it allowed and is it possible to change their logo and name and put your company logo on it.